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Would you like to get a proven action plan for repairing your credit? Hoffman & Forde are San Diego credit repair attorneys. Whether you recently went through a bankruptcy or other negative financial event or are simply looking to improve your credit score, we want to see our clients’ in the best financial situation as possible and we will diligently and aggressively work to get you there. You are in the right place if:

  • You have negative or inaccurate credit reports
  • You can’t qualify for a home loan
  • You can’t qualify for refinancing your home
  • You can’t qualify for a lease
  • You can’t quality for an auto loan
  • You want to save money on interest rates

Whatever the case, we are efficient lawyers that fix credit quickly. We work to remove negative credit reports and credit inaccuracies. We believe that your credit score shouldn’t prevent you from affording life’s basic needs.

Credit Repair

Your credit score can have a significant impact on your ability to receive loans, access credit, and other financial means. Contrary to popular belief, credit score recovery is not simply a waiting game.

We are San Diego credit repair attorneys that assist our clients to quickly repair their credit scores using tried and proven techniques. Our attorneys and support staff work closely with our clients to thoroughly examine their credit reports to gain a thorough understanding of the events that have led to a decrease in the perceived credit worthiness of an individual. We then provide tailored counseling services as to how credit bureaus arrive at a credit score and how our clients can best to go about improving and maintaining a high credit score.

Credit Dispute and Litigation

After years of working with the three nationwide credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – we have exposed countless mistakes, outdated items, and patently false matters reported on our clients’ credit reports. By disputing these items with the credit reporting agencies and/or the financial institutions providing the report, we can correct or oftentimes remove these items from our clients’ credit reports.

Our clients have been amazed to find their credit scores dramatically increase after a successful dispute process. State and federal laws protect consumers from having unfair and inaccurate information presented on their credit report. Upon uncovering an improper or inaccurate credit reporting mark, Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys at Law works aggressively on our clients’ behalf with the reporting creditor and the credit bureaus to correct and/or remove the improperly reported lines.

In the event the disputed item is not voluntarily corrected or removed, our Firm reviews the situation and will file a lawsuit – at no cost to our clients – under the Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies Act against the credit reporting agencies and/or the financial institution providing the improper report.

If you would like to discuss our credit repair services, contact us today.

San Diego Credit Repair Attorneys