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This is Dan Forde and I'm one of the parters at Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys At Law.

I wanted to take a second to say hello and welcome you to the family...

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On behalf of myself and the entire team I want you to know that we're truly excited and grateful that you decided to put your faith in us

I know this is going to be an absolute game changer for your financial future no matter what stage you're in.

Here's what you can expect from us…

We'll be contacting you shortly to move forward with your personal credit repair action plan, using the contact info you provided.

(If for some reason that's not the best way to contact you, go ahead and respond to this email with the correct info.)

After putting together your action plan we:

  • Review all 3 credit reports for inaccurate reporting
  • Send dispute letters to the negative reporting companies and bureaus asking them to remove the inaccurate reporting
  • Closely monitor their responses (failure to respond within 30 days or comply with our dispute means we file a lawsuit)

We charge a flat fee and the lawsuit is handled 100% on a contingency basis - but don't let the word "lawsuit" worry you. These cases rarely (if ever) see the inside of a courtroom.

Once the suit is filed we begin negotiating the settlement. The entire process on average, from start to finish, typically takes 60 days.

Sound fair? Good!

Talk soon,

Daniel R. Forde, Esq.
Hoffman & Forde, Attorneys at Law

Within 60 Days The Attorneys At Hoffman & Forde Will Help You:

  • Qualify for an auto loan
  • Qualify for an auto lease
  • Repair your credit and afford life's basic needs
  • Qualify for a home loan
  • Quality for a home refinance
  • Qualify for a home lease
  • ...And much more

privacy We value your privacy and never share any information.

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